Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To the Gentleman who Emailed me to Clarify the Term: Missed Connection

Dear Gentleman who Emailed me to Clarify the term "Missed Connection,"

I replied to your email, but have not received word from you. It has been five hours, and I'm a little nonplussed. I'm hoping this wasn't a one-time thing for you, because...you're a real rule-follower, and I like that. Feisty!

You're very right, I'm not familiar with Craigslist decorum, and have never explored nor posted within the confines of the personals sections of this or any site--a right-on guess from a perceptive gentleman! I think, had you seen the UFO, or any of the Pyramid People, or even the clown nosed guy who works at Crystal Magic, you would understand my desire to reconnect with them and get some answers. Its not as burning a desire as the one I have for you, I assure you, but still, there's a curiosity within me which goes currently unquenched, and I think we can agree that's a small travesty.

Here's what I propose: Why don't we get together for a decaf coffee or something? I believe, if you ask the proprietors of Ravenheart Coffee for some soy milk, they're more than happy to provide (You don't strike me as a dairy guy). Maybe we'll hit it off; one never knows. Maybe we'll even have crazy chemistry and go nuts and split a danish, and then head to my place for fifteen minutes of hot silent sex in the missionary position, and after that we can balance our checkbooks and check the pressure in my tires--you make me crazy, Dreamweaver! Email me!


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