Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Enchantment Resort

Dear Enchantment Resort,

You're so awesome.

I know when I head out to Boynton Canyon to hike or meditate or breathe fresh air, the things I'd most like to see nestled between those two orange tsunamis of grand swirling rock carved into their exquisite selves by a million years' worth of wind are industrial ceilings, air conditioning vents, parking lots and the glimmer of sun reflected off a golf cart or a putter. Kudos. I agree with you, the place needed to be spruced up. Its not as if its one of the most beautiful natural settings on earth and one of the holiest. Perhaps we ought to level the Vatican, too, and put up some condos. Nothing holies up a religious center like a couple hundred rich white fucks in sunhats.

I only say this because I know, when I die, I totally want the people who stole from, incarcerated, raped, slaughtered and defamed my own people to play tennis on my bones. That seems completely fair.

So I say thank you, Enchantment Resort. Thank you for being so damn classy.


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